What services do satellites provide?

What Are Satellites Used For?

  • Television. Satellites send television signals directly to homes, but they also are the backbone of cable and network TV. ...
  • Telephones. ...
  • Navigation. ...
  • Business & finance. ...
  • Weather. ...
  • Climate & environmental monitoring. ...
  • Safety. ...
  • Land stewardship.
  • What are the 4 types of satellites?

    Types of Satellites and Applications

  • Communications Satellite.
  • Remote Sensing Satellite.
  • Navigation Satellite.
  • Geocentric Orbit type staellies - LEO, MEO, HEO.
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Geostationary Satellites (GEOs)
  • Drone Satellite.
  • Ground Satellite.
  • What are the components of satellite?

    The main components of a satellite consist of the communications system, which includes the antennas and transponders that receive and retransmit signals, the power system, which includes the solar panels that provide power, and the propulsion system, which includes the rockets that propel the satellite.

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